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Community projects

PCL (2015): The Parging Doctor, working for PCL, who were 
working for Habitat for Humanity, completed the parging on
a new home for a deserving family.

Ottawa Community Housing (2012): The Crichton Street project was an initiative that used the volunteered skills of the professionals and tradespeople involved in building the new Ottawa Convention Centre and other partners. The 3-storey, 6-unit structure on Crichton Street is a home for 6 homeless families built thanks to a 'social responsibility contract' with the construction and design companies of the Convention Centre. The Parging Doctor completed the parging for the home, donating all materials and labour, free of charge.  (A PCL Constructors Canada, and GBAssociates project)  The Crichton House story Citizen Advocacy (2011): An Evening in the Maritimes.  The Parging Doctor donated parging services for their charity auction. Habitat for Humanity (2011): Foundation repair and reparging for a home in our community.