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We Offer Cutting - Coring - Drilling in ALL SEASONS. Give us a call today !

The Parging Doctor - For a Healthy Foundation, Call the Paring Doctor ! We Make House Calls !. Parging, Foundation Parging, Foundation Repair, Concrete Cutting, Concrete Coring, Concrete Drilling

For a Healthy Foundation

- Call thE Parging Doctor

ARE YOU A CONTRACTOR ? Feel free to give us a call in regards to your project and parging needs. Experience with Single and Multi-unit Dwellings. 
CUTTING/CORING/DRILLING/POURING In addition to parging services, the Parging Doctor provides a number of servies related to concrete:
We are able to cut slabs, walkways, driveways, etc. as well as foundations for new and replacement window installations.
We are able to drill and/or core into concrete if you need to feed wires or pipes through existing concrete walls.
We are able to form, pour  and finish concrete
GIVING BACK In 2015, our most recent 'give back' was working with PCL Construction on a home for Habitat for Humanity. The Parging Doctor is pleased to have worked with a number of organizations that give back to our community. 
DOES YOUR HOUSE NEED A FACELIFT? The Parging Doctor can apply a fresh coat of parging mix to your foundation, helping  You maintain the look of your home while ensuring your foundation is protected. If you're moving, call us before you list  ! - We'll help make your home look its best.
The Parging Doctor can apply parging to the foundation of your home or commercial buildings. 
Parging is a surface coat of cement, which will not only make the foundation look better, but it will also help keep out moisture; preventing further cracking, chipping and flaking.